Do I have body dysmorphia quiz

Body dysmorphia disorder (BDD) is an illness that can ruin your life by overly obsessing about your appearance. This quiz will take you through a few questions to see if you have some signs that might indicate you have BDD.

Please note that this test will not give you an official diagnosis. Seek professional help if you feel like you have BDD that is affecting your life.

Girl with body dysmorphia checking mirror

Quiz overview

This body dysmorphia quiz is designed to ask you a few question about how you see yourself and your appearance. You answer true if the statement is true to you or false if you don't think that statement represent you. Is important that you give an honest answer so that the test result will be accurate.


Question 1: I spend a lot of time trying to hide my perceived flaw with make up

A: True
B: False

People with BDD tend to spend an excessive amount of time in front of the mirror to fix or hide their perceived flaws. This can include using a lot of make up, changing clothes or other type of grooming.

Question 2: I have considered plastic surgery

A: True
B: False

While plastic surgery is not always done by people with body dysmorphia, women and men with this mental illness tend to at least consider this as an option.

Question 3: I compulsively check my physical appearance in the mirror

A: True
B: False

Do you check your appearance every time you walk by a mirror just to check if you look good? That can be a sign of BDD. It's normal to check the mirror once in a while, but if you do it too much it's a problem.

Question 4: I believe other people constantly judge my appearance

A: True
B: False

Having thoughts about other people always judging your appearance is not pleasant at all. This thought can become so strong for people with BDD that they constantly think about what other people might think about them.

How to interpret the body dysmorphia quiz results

There are two possible outcomes in this body dysmorphia quiz. You either answer true on most question and you have a strong likelihood of having BDD. In which case you should seek professional help and start a treatment plan that you doctor can help with.

The other outcome is that you do not have body dysmorphia and you might be just over average concerned about your physical appearance and there is nothing wrong with that.

Can you cure body dysmorphia disorder?

Body dysmorphic disorder is a condition without a cure. However, professional therapy is available to help individuals reduce the intensity of its effects. The aim of treatment is to make it possible for those affected to live a normal life at home, work, and among their peers.

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