Was I neglected as a child quiz

Was I neglected as a child quiz will help you find out if you have childhood trauma that affects your to this day. Answer a few simple questions about your past and current feelings. The quiz results will also give you solutions on how to deal with your mental health if you actually were neglected a child.

Was I neglected as a child quiz. Alone child

Quiz overview

Annually in the United States, thousands of minors are hurt by maltreatment. Neglect is the most popular form of mistreatment observed. The National Children's Alliance reported that almost three-fourths of the projected 600,000 kids in America who went through maltreatment in 2020 were neglected.

This quiz aims to help you understand if you were a victim of childhood emotional neglect. This is not an official diagnosis, but more of a guidance.

Questions to know if you were neglected as a child

There are many questions you can ask yourself to diagnose a childhood emotional neglect, here are some:

Question 1: I never feel like I belong anywhere

Experiencing a lack of belonging or connection with others is a regular occurrence that can be hard to cope with. It is natural to experience unease and lack of inclusion when one does not feel accepted. This can unfortunately be the primary cause of child neglect.

Question 2: Do you avoid intimacy?

Certain individuals may have had unfortunate incidents in their past which have caused them to become apprehensive or uneasy with physical closeness.

Question 3: Did you spend most of your childhood alone?

If you are having difficulty dealing with feeling lonely or cut off from others, talking with a psychological health specialist may be beneficial. These professionals, such as a psychotherapist or guidance counsellor, could help you to examine your emotions and recognize any previous child neglect which may be influencing your experience of isolation.

Question 4: Did your parents give you advice and support as a child?

Going through adolescence and young adulthood without parental aid can be difficult, and it is normal to feel a need for direction when dealing with the issues of life.

Answer more of the questions in the quiz at the top of the page.

How to interpret the results

There are to possible outcome of this quiz; You were either neglected as a child or you were not. Depending on which result you achieve you should take the appropriate action.

Let's say the quiz results you got was "You were neglected as a child", read the solution we provide on how to overcome your trauma. 

You should also talk with your doctor or someone close to you. Sharing your feelings is a helpful and important step in overcoming your traumatic past.

If the result show that you were not neglected as a child, you don't need to do anything. You can however read more about the signs of childhood emotionally neglect here.

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