Should I get my nipples pierced quiz

Piercing has become a fashion statement in the recent times. Various parts of the body such as nose, lip, brow, and various other visible places are adorned with a variety of piercings. In general, people think that nipple piercing is not so classy or subtle. It can make you stand out in a negative way. However many people like to accentuate their appearance with different kinds of piercings. You might be one of those who want to look different with your new piercing. If you are considering getting a nipple piercing or any other body piercing for that matter read on to know if it’s the right thing for you and what precautions need to be taken before and after getting pierced.

Our nipple piercing quiz will help you find out if you really need it.

Should I get my nipples pierced quiz

What is a nipple piercing?

A nipple piercing is a piercing done on a male or female nipple. It can be done on both the nipples, one or both. Some people may choose to get nipple piercings as a form of body modification and sexual enhancement. In the Western world, it is done mostly for aesthetic reasons.

While the nipple is relatively easy to heal, it is important to seek professional advice before making the decision to get one done, or simple try our nipple piercing quiz at the top.. A nipple piercing is done by inserting a needle or a special piercing gun through the skin of your nipple and piercing the tissue inside. A piercing needle consists of a needle attached to a barbell that is used to pierce the tissue and hold the jewelry during healing.

Piercing guns are similar to a staple gun. They are used for piercings on the face, nipples, and other areas of the body where a needle would cause excessive bleeding and trauma. Also, the gun pierce is quicker and less painful than a needle.

Should you get your nipples pierced?

Should you get your nipples pierced can be decided with our quiz, or you can ask a professional. The decision to get your nipple pierced should be made after careful consideration.

Although they are very common, nipple piercings are not the right choice for everybody. You need to make sure that you are not doing it because it is the latest fashion statement. It should be done only if it will enhance your personality and make you feel good about yourself. If you are not sure about getting your nipple pierced, then it is best to wait. Do not become another person who regrets their decision. Instead, take your time and think about it. If you are confident that it is the right decision for you, then go ahead and get pierced! If you're still unsure if you should pierce your nipples, try the quiz at the top of the page.

How to decide on where to get it?

Nipple piercings can give a new look and feel to your body. They can also add to your sexual pleasure. The major decision while deciding on getting your nipple pierced is - where to get it done? You can get your nipple pierced at different places. The most commonly used spots are - upper part of the nipple, middle of the nipple, and the lower part of the nipple. You can also get your nipple pierced at the base of the nipple. You can also get a combination of two or more piercings in a single nipple.

The upper part of the nipple is a very common place for nipple piercing. It is also the most painful piercing. The piercing of the middle and lower parts are comparatively less painful. The piercing of the base of the nipple is not that popular. It is less painful and also has a shorter healing period.

Nipple piercing aftercare

Like any other piercing, nipple piercings also need proper aftercare. It will help the wound heal faster. Moreover, it will reduce the risk of complications. Ensure that the aftercare instructions are followed to the letter. This will help you avoid complications such as infection, swelling, and excessive bleeding. The first 24 hours after a nipple piercing are crucial. You have to maintain a clean and dry environment for the pierced area. Use clean and soft cloth for wiping. Avoid vigorous cleaning and touching of the wound with your hands. Use a good quality non-scented antiseptic cream on the wound. Try to avoid scented creams as they may cause itching and irritation in the wound. It is advised to wear a soft bra while sleeping. You can also use a bandage or an adhesive pad to support the healing. A hydrocolloid dressing can also be used. Ensure that you change it every 24 hours. It is advisable to eat a healthy diet.


Should you get your nipples pierced is a decision you should think about for a while before jumping into any decision straight away. Getting your nipple pierced may sound like a good idea but make sure you really want it done.

Nipple piercings are not as easy to heal as you might think. You will have to take special care of the wound to avoid complications. Moreover, nipple piercings take more time to heal than other piercings. If you have no issues with the pain and are committed to taking good care of the wound, then go ahead and get pierced! Remember, a nipple piercing is a lifetime decision. Once you are confident that you want a piercing, go ahead and get it done!

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