Feminine archetypes quiz

Feminine archetype quiz is meant as a guidance to find your inner female personality between the 7 archetypes.

 To lead an authentic life it’s essential to discover your true self by balancing both masculine and feminine energies within you. Let’s see which are the most important feminine archetypes according to Jungian psychology.

feminine archetypes quiz

If the quiz shows you are The Lover:

The Lover is a confident woman who glows with sexual warmth. She is in tune with her sensual and sacred sexual nature. She yearns for connection and closeness with others while desiring to be free. The Lover attracts all of these things into her life with ease because of her abundant mindset and positive outlook. She keeps her feet on the ground and has an aura that is palpable, often making her the center of attention, which she enjoys! 

The Maiden is youth

An innocent, youthful, playful spirit characterizes the Maiden. She is enthusiastic about life, brimming with vitality, and ready to take on the world alone. Although she is optimistic and positive, she will not be worn down by tough life experiences as a result of age. Furthermore, she is at ease with herself and is not reluctant to express who she truly is. 

If the quiz guides you to The Queen:

She is dedicated to her role as queen and to leading her people, and she stands firm in her position. Queen Elizabeth is a natural leader and fiercely loyal, whether in her personal or professional life. She sets her own goals and works to achieve them, taking small steps at a time. .

The Sage is strategic

A woman's ability to make plans, take action, and achieve ruthless balance between erotic energy and emotional independence is represented by the "Sage Archetype." Cultivate sage energy to express your thoughts, speak your mind, and mesmerize with your seductive conversational skills. Maintain your cool whether you're in love or fighting for your life. Develop your wit, charm, and intrigue—allowing you to become a great conversationalist. 

The mystic is full of inner peace

A woman seeking inner peace, emotional independence, and the ability to turn her house into a home is part of the "Mystic archetype". You can radiate an attractive, alluring energy that draws people to you in order to cultivate mystic energy for mindfulness, self-awareness, and maintaining your inner peace. You will be able to connect with people in a more sensual way as a result of balancing this energy. You'll be able to create a tantalizing sense of mystery and seductive distance through this energy. It will enable you to connect to your body and balance your natural introversion with heart-focused connection. 

The Mother quiz results:

A connection to her maternal, caring, and compassionate nature is available to those who seek the Divine Mother archetype. She cares for, nourishes, and cares for others, as well as watches her creations flourish, whether or not she has children of her own. This archetype can be found in a business or creative venture. She is selfless and often prioritizes the needs of others ahead of her own. .

The Huntress

A Huntress is an independent female spirit who seeks to gain freedom and independence in her life. She is very goal-oriented, competitive with herself, and dedicated to the issues she cares about, always standing up for her beliefs. 

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