Does my cat love me quiz

If you're a cat owner, you might have wondered whether your feline friend loves you as much as you love them. While cats are known for being independent creatures, they're also capable of showing affection in their own unique ways. So, does your cat really love you? Take this quiz to find out.

Does my cat love me quiz

About the does my cat love me quiz

This quiz is meant as a fun way to see if you cat shows any of the signs outlines in the  quiz. The quiz has a total of 6 questions. Answer them truthfully to get the most accurate answer.

Each question will highlight a special behavior your cat might do. Don't worry if your cat doesn't do all the behaviors  in this quiz, cats might show their love to you in different ways.

Signs that your cat loves you

Even if your cat didn't score high on the quiz, there are still signs that they love and appreciate you. Here are a few things to look out for:


When a cat purrs, it's typically a sign of contentment and relaxation. If your cat purrs when you pet them or when they're sitting next to you, it's a good sign that they feel safe and happy in your presence.


Kneading, or "making biscuits," is when a cat pushes their paws in and out against a soft surface. This behavior is usually associated with kittens nursing, but adult cats may also do it when they're feeling happy and relaxed. If your cat kneads on you, it's a sign that they trust and feel comfortable with you.

Slow blinking

Cats communicate with each other through body language, and one way they show affection is through slow blinking. If your cat looks at you and blinks slowly, it's a sign that they trust you and feel comfortable around you.


Cats may rub their heads against people and objects to mark their territory and show affection. If your cat headbutts you, it's a sign that they feel secure and happy with you.

Interpretation of the quiz results

The does my cat love me quiz has a scoring system from 0 to 100 and it will show you in percentage how much your cat loves you.

If your cat scored low on the quiz, don't worry - it doesn't mean they don't love you. Cats are independent animals and may not always show affection in obvious ways. However, if your cat scored high on the quiz, it's a good indication that they love and appreciate you.

Remember that every cat is different, and some may show affection in unique ways. Pay attention to your cat's behavior and body language to understand how they feel about you.

The science behind cat affection

Cats may not be as expressive as dogs when it comes to showing affection, but they still have the capacity to form strong bonds with their owners. According to live science, cats have a social intelligence that's comparable to dogs and even some primates.

Cats may show affection through grooming, playing, and spending time with their owners. They may also release oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding and social behavior, when they interact with their owners.

Tips for strengthening the bond with your cat

If you want to deepen your connection with your cat, here are a few tips to try:

Play with your cat

Cats love to play, and interactive playtime can strengthen your bond with your cat. Use toys like wand toys or laser pointers to engage your cat in play, and make sure to give them plenty of praise and affection.

Provide a comfortable environment

Cats feel most comfortable in a calm and predictable environment. Make sure your cat has a designated space for sleeping and relaxing, and provide plenty of toys and scratching posts to keep them entertained.

Use positive reinforcement

Cats respond well to positive reinforcement, so make sure to reward good behavior with treats, praise, and affection. Avoid punishing your cat, as this can damage your relationship and make them fearful of you.

Spend quality time together

Make time to spend with your cat every day, whether it's through playtime, grooming, or simply sitting together. Cats thrive on routine and consistency, so try to establish a regular schedule for bonding activities.

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