Do I have a concussion quiz

Have you had an accident and you want to know if you have signs of concussion? Then this 'do I have a concussion quiz' will help you out. Just answer 8 simple questions about your well being to get a result.

If you feel very unwell you should seek medical treatment right away.

Man with concussion. Take the quiz

Quiz overview

This concussion quiz is designed to ask you questions about your current health and how you're feeling. If you have many of these symptoms we ask you, you might have a concussion and should seek treatment.

In total there are 8 questions of possible symptoms of a concussion. Answer all of the truthfully and the quiz will give you an answer. 

Please not that this is not an official diagnosis.


Question 1: I can't recall what happened prior to hitting my head

A: True
B: False

People who have had a serious concussion often have trouble with remembering what happened right before their accident. If you don't recall what happened, choose true.

Question 2: I have trouble moving

A: True
B: False

Do you move around clumsily or you have a hard time balancing? This is another sign of concussion. Do not try to move around if you do, stay stationary. You don't want to be falling over and hurting yourself even more. 

Question 3: I sometimes loses consciousness

A: True
B: False

If you lose consciousness even for a very short time, it can be a sign of a concussion. 

Question 4: I feel nauseous

A: True
B: False

Feeling nauseous is another symptom you should take seriously. It can feel like you want to throw up or you actually did throw up. You do not need to be vomiting, but a slight nauseous feeling is a warning signal you should be vary of.

Question 5: I have a headache

A: True
B: False

Headaches are very common when having a concussion. It can vary from mild pain to a very intense pain.

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How to interpret the do I have a concussion quiz results

If you've answered true on most of the questions given to you, there is a high chance that you have a concussion. Your next step should be to contact the hospital for a proper assessment of your health. Usually you should do this within 24 hours.

If you've answered false on most of the quiz questions, you are not that likely to have a serious case of concussion, but if you feel unwell it doesn't hurt to take a trip to the doctor to get checked out.

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