Am I lazy quiz

The am I lazy quiz won't hold back. Find out the real answer other people won't tell you.

Do you often find yourself promising to do something but never getting round to it? Do you avoid responsibilities at work or school because they seem like a lot of effort? If so, you might be lazy. Everyone has their own natural levels of laziness. However, if yours is reaching concerning levels, take this quiz to find out the real answer.

Am I lazy quiz

How can a quiz find out if you're lazy or not

Our quiz will ask you questions and you should answer honestly to get an accurate answer. All the questions are hand picked to really find out the truth. We know if we are lazy or not, now it's your turn to take the quiz.

What is laziness?

When we talk about laziness, we are referring to an individual who is not motivated to complete tasks or work that they have been given. It is very easy to spot a lazy person, as they are very happy in their position of not doing, or procrastinating until the very last moment.

Laziness is most commonly seen in school children, who would rather be playing on their phones, than completing their homework. It can also be identified in adults, who would rather go out and drink, rather than complete their work tasks.

In general, there are two types of laziness: A chronic state of laziness and occasional laziness. People who are chronically lazy are those who are almost always unproductive. On the other hand, people who occasionally exhibit signs of laziness are those who experience these states of the inability to complete a certain task at some point in their lives. Dr. Edward W. Max defines laziness as “the failure to utilize one’s potentialities”.

Signs of laziness

If you believe that you are lazy, there are certain signs that you should watch out for. Here are some of them:

  • You feel too tired to complete tasks - If you are often too tired to complete your work, chores, or even to go to the gym, this can be a sign of laziness. However, it may also be a sign of poor health. In such cases, you should visit a doctor to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing your tiredness. 
  • You feel bored when doing boring tasks - Another sign of laziness is that you feel bored when doing tasks that you don’t find interesting. If you find yourself wanting to complete them as quickly as possible, so that you can move on to doing something more enjoyable, you may be lazy. 
  • You rarely complete tasks - If you never finish any of the tasks that you start, this can be a sign of laziness. This could be anything from not completing your work to not cleaning your room. This could also be a sign of procrastination.

Why are you lazy?

There are many reasons why people become lazy. Here are some of them:

  • You don’t know what you want - If you don’t know what you want out of life, you won’t make any efforts to get it. It’s as simple as that. If you are lazy, it’s because you don’t know what you want and you are not doing anything to find out.
  • You don’t have the tools - If you don’t have the tools to succeed, it is unlikely that you will succeed. If you are lazy, it is because you don’t have the tools, skills, or abilities to achieve what you want.
  • You don’t know why you are doing it - Sometimes people do things, not because they have to, but because they have to. If you are not motivated to do something, but you have to do it anyway, it is unlikely that you will succeed.

You've take the quiz and found out that you're lazy, now what?

If you took the am I lazy quiz and you now know you're lazy, there are a few things that you can do to stop being lazy. Here are some tips:

  • Make a list of all the things that you want - The first thing that you need to do is to make a list of all the things that you want out of life. You need to be very specific in this, so that you can work towards achieving them.
  • Identify what you need to do to achieve your goals - This is the next step, you need to identify what it is that you need to do in order to achieve your goals. It is important that you have a plan of action, otherwise, you will never achieve anything.
  • Find someone to hold you accountable - This is probably the most important thing that you can do, find someone to hold you accountable for your actions. This will make you much less likely to be lazy and procrastinate.

Laziness and procrastination go hand in hand

Laziness and procrastination go hand in hand. If you are lazy, you are likely to procrastinate. At the same time, procrastination is a type of laziness. It is the unwillingness to start or finish a task or project. If you want to reduce your laziness, it is important that you stop procrastinating.

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